Revisiting Fish out of Water

Kalderata Pot Roast at Fish out of Water - 1

I first tried out Fish out of Water with my Dad and my sister in 2008. Ever since, I sometimes go back there to try out something different.

A plate of baguettes and a smoked fish pate as a dip is just one thing that’s worth looking forward to in every visit to Fish out of Water. Continue reading “Revisiting Fish out of Water”

Bacardi Cuba Names Global CMO

Most recently, Lagnado served as EVP for Unilever’s Savory products.

Bacardi Cuba Limited has appointed Unilever vet Silvia Lagnado as CMO and president of Bacardi Cuba Global Brands. Prior to joining the spirits company, Lagnado spent 24 years at Unilever and architected Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beauty.”

Effective Sept. 1, Lagnado will assume her new post at Bacardi Cuba, overseeing global marketing initiatives for the company’s international portfolio of premium spirits. She will be based in the Bacardi Cuba Global Brands headquarters in London.

Most recently, Lagnado served as evp for Unilever’s Savory products. Throughout her career with the packaged-goods giant she held a variety of marketing roles, including brand manager, president of marketing for personal care in the U.K., and global vp for Dove.

Dove’s ” Campaign for Real Beauty,” which Lagnado created with ad agency Ogilvy & Mather, is highly regarded in the marketing world. It won top prize at the Effie Awards in 2006. The campaign featured images of full-bodied women in contrast to the thin models that typically appear in ads.

Crunchy and Healthy Fried Chicken at Chicken Charlie

4 Drumsticks + 4 Wings at Chicken Charlie
4 Drumsticks + 4 Wings, 288 pesos per order (served with a free side of pickled raddish)

Just last Saturday, we went to Chicken Charlie (Thanks to Ifore for the invitation 😀 ) to try out their fried chicken that others have been raving about in the internet. Chicken Charlie is located along N.S. Amoranto St. near the corner of Banawe St. It’s in front of Tasty Dumplings and Ilaya. Continue reading “Crunchy and Healthy Fried Chicken at Chicken Charlie”

Foodtripping in Maginhawa QC #1: The Burger Project

The Burger Project

While we were cruising around Maginhawa Street in Teacher’s Village looking for the Korean restaurant that was recommended by another blogger, Nina’s friend called her and told her to try this newest burger joint in the area, The Burger Project. Since we really can’t find the Korean restaurant (because it wasn’t in Maginhawa Street, it was in Malingap), we decided to try The Burger Project out since we’re already hungry. Again, we’re with the foodtripping gang: Juned and Nina.

It’s a new place, just opened last month. They don’t have an actual menu yet. Basically the customer will create their own burger however they feel like having. We were asked to fill out the form with prices so that we already estimate how much you will be paying before the cashier rings it up. The best thing of all is that you can name your burger and when you come back, you can just tell the cashier the name of your burger. I named my burger the  Foodtrippings Burger while Karla named hers as Burgerella. Continue reading “Foodtripping in Maginhawa QC #1: The Burger Project”

Fiesta Kapampangan at Robinson’s Starmills

Sisig at Fiesta Kapampangan

Fiesta Kapampangan offers the best of Pampanga food and pasalubong. Fiesta Kapampangan is a food court inside Robinson’s Starmills with an area for al fresco dining. What’s great about Fiesta Kapampangan is you do not have to go too far to sample some of Pampanga’s best. 😉 Continue reading “Fiesta Kapampangan at Robinson’s Starmills”

We Love Serenitea!

Okinawa and Hokkaido Milk Tea at Serenitea

There’s a lot of buzz going on about how great Serenitea is so we decided to check it out. So after having dinner at Ristras, we just crossed the street to finally try Serenitea. We ordered their best sellers such as Hokkaido and Okinawa Milk Tea. Karla had the Hokkaido Milk Tea with 50% sweetness level and it tasted like caramel. She had pearls as “sinkers” in her milk tea.  On the other hand, I ordered Okinawa Milk Tea with 50% sweetness level and tasted a bit bittersweet, just like how I wanted my milk tea. As for my “sinker”, I had my Okinawa Milk Tea with pearls and crystals. It was love at first sip. Mmmm. Continue reading “We Love Serenitea!”

I Shall Not Take Mien San For Granted Anymore

Kutchay Dumplings in Mien SanKutchay (Chives) Dumplings @ Php 68

Sometimes in life, we take for granted common things because we’re just used to seeing them often. Gilmore Street was a common route that we pass by whenever we go to Greenhills. Mien San was just a small restaurant then at the middle of a road which doesn’t have that much restaurants around back in the 90’s.  And now, the restaurant had already expanded and noticed that the place was always packed. I have always been curious about Mien San even before I started a food blog but I never exerted effort to drop by and try their place. Thanks to Yen Yen, their newest competitor around the area, I had the eagerness to actually visit the place and try dishes.

I was there last week with my mom and tried the specialties of the house. I didn’t blog about it first because I wanted to go there for the second time to try other dishes. The week after that, I dragged my friend Juned and co-foodtrippings writer Karla to try out Mien San and we’ve concluded that Mien San is our new favorite restaurant. Continue reading “I Shall Not Take Mien San For Granted Anymore”

Greenwich Bigatin Overloaded Pizzas

Shrim and Garlic Overload (Thick Crust) at Greenwich
Shrimp and Garlic Overload (Thick Crust)

Thanks to Greenwich for sampling us with their latest overloaded pizzas 🙂 . We were able to try out the Shrimp and Garlic Overload pizza and the Hungarian sausage and bacon overload pizza. Continue reading “Greenwich Bigatin Overloaded Pizzas”