Revisiting Fish out of Water

Kalderata Pot Roast at Fish out of Water - 1

I first tried out Fish out of Water with my Dad and my sister in 2008. Ever since, I sometimes go back there to try out something different.

A plate of baguettes and a smoked fish pate as a dip is just one thing that’s worth looking forward to in every visit to Fish out of Water. Continue reading “Revisiting Fish out of Water”

Crunchy and Healthy Fried Chicken at Chicken Charlie

4 Drumsticks + 4 Wings at Chicken Charlie
4 Drumsticks + 4 Wings, 288 pesos per order (served with a free side of pickled raddish)

Just last Saturday, we went to Chicken Charlie (Thanks to Ifore for the invitation 😀 ) to try out their fried chicken that others have been raving about in the internet. Chicken Charlie is located along N.S. Amoranto St. near the corner of Banawe St. It’s in front of Tasty Dumplings and Ilaya. Continue reading “Crunchy and Healthy Fried Chicken at Chicken Charlie”

Fiesta Kapampangan at Robinson’s Starmills

Sisig at Fiesta Kapampangan

Fiesta Kapampangan offers the best of Pampanga food and pasalubong. Fiesta Kapampangan is a food court inside Robinson’s Starmills with an area for al fresco dining. What’s great about Fiesta Kapampangan is you do not have to go too far to sample some of Pampanga’s best. 😉 Continue reading “Fiesta Kapampangan at Robinson’s Starmills”

Greenwich Bigatin Overloaded Pizzas

Shrim and Garlic Overload (Thick Crust) at Greenwich
Shrimp and Garlic Overload (Thick Crust)

Thanks to Greenwich for sampling us with their latest overloaded pizzas 🙂 . We were able to try out the Shrimp and Garlic Overload pizza and the Hungarian sausage and bacon overload pizza. Continue reading “Greenwich Bigatin Overloaded Pizzas”