Real Leaf Green Tea: a healthy drink

real leaf green tea

Real Leaf Green Tea is made of natural green tea leaves, honey and fruit flavors such as apple, lemon and lychee. These flavors are also known as Honey Lemon, Honey Apple and Honey Lychee. What’s to like about Real Leaf Green Tea: it’s deliciously reviving! Continue reading “Real Leaf Green Tea: a healthy drink”

Chic-Boy: Chicken at Baboy

Cebu Lechon Liempo at Chic-Boy
Cebu Lechon Liempo (Whole), PhP 155 per order

The name of Chic-Boy is obviously a word-play of their specialties chicken and pork (the English translation of “baboy”). There are a number of take-out stores in Metro Manila (mostly located in Quezon City). It’s good that they’ve opened a full fast food restaurant along Jupiter St. in Makati City. Yes to 24 hours of access to their sumptuous and sinful Cebu Lechon Liempo. 😀 Continue reading “Chic-Boy: Chicken at Baboy”

Binondo Food Tour Series #5: Tasty Dumplings

Taiwanese style Meatball Soup at Tasty Dumplings
Taiwanese style Meatball Soup, PhP 63 per order

Tasty Dumplings, located near Minor Basilica of St. Lorenzo, is a Taiwanese fast food restaurant. We weren’t really planning to eat there but since we’re waiting for Juned, we decided to stay inside and order something light. Continue reading “Binondo Food Tour Series #5: Tasty Dumplings”

Yen Yen Taiwanese Street Food

Crispy Taoso Beancurd at Yen Yen Taiwanese Street Food

Crispy Taoso Beancurd @ Php 148

Someone from Yen Yen emailed us and recommended that we try their restaurant. I looked at their Facebook fan page and got really curious on this small food haven near Greenhills. Karla and I dragged 2 of our foodie friends to try Yen Yen out last Saturday before going to Cinemalaya. The place is not that hard to find, if you’re familiar with Gilmore, just go straight ahead from Aurora Boulevard. It’s at the right side and near JT’s Inasal.

Yen Yen boasts that they’re one of the cheapest places to dine in town. When I looked at their menu in Facebook, they’re indeed cheap. With prices ranging from Php 18 – Php 238 per dish, not bad! Of course, we’re not only after the price of the food but also the quality. Continue reading “Yen Yen Taiwanese Street Food”

Puerto Princesa Food Trip Series #3: Kinabuchs

Kinabuchs Grill and Bar signage

One of the food tripping places in Puerto Princesa that was recommended to us was Kinabuch. The reason it was named as such because it’s owned by a person name Butch. It’s Puerto Princesa’s Hard Rock Cafe which is a popular joint for foreigners and tourists, except that it’s open aired and no live band performance (only loud Hip-Hop and RnB music). It’s not just an ordinary drinking joint, their food is something you can look forward to.

We never knew that their servings were good for 2-3 people so we ordered 2 dishes main courses and 2 appetizers. We knew that were really hungry coming from the Honda Bay Island Hopping but we still struggled. Unfortunately, we can’t take it to our hotel because we don’t have a ref there. Continue reading “Puerto Princesa Food Trip Series #3: Kinabuchs”