All We Need Is Lamb promo has been extended!

Front - All you need is Lamb 2010 Planner

The promo of Meat and Livestock Australia “All We Need is Lamb” has been extended up to March 31, 2010! 😀 Their 2010 planner is amazing since it also has recipes! Even if it’s almost the end of the first quarter of the year, you can still benefit from the lamb recipes included in the planner. 😉 Continue reading “All We Need Is Lamb promo has been extended!”

Gourmet Coffee For Me

Coffee is one of the universal things that is common among every culture. If I’m not mistaken, every country has their own coffee bean produce and almost everyone is very much familiar with its aroma. It’s very familiar but yet peculiar in a way, even its aroma could already perk you up even though you’re not a coffee drinker. Continue reading “Gourmet Coffee For Me”

Albay Food Tripping #3: Waway’s

Pinangat at Waway's
Pinangat @ Php 60 per order

If you have been searching places to eat in Bicol, you may have encountered Waway’s. Before going to Bicol, we researched the must-try restaurants in Legazpi and Waway’s was a common suggestion among others who have been to Bicol.

Waway’s was called as such because it was named after their owner Aling Laura Cristobal and it’s been existing since 1967. Most Bicolanos and tourists love the place because of its very simplicity and it has also become an “institution” in Albay. Right now the Cristobal Family is continuing to serve the authentic dishes that their Continue reading “Albay Food Tripping #3: Waway’s”

Pica-Pica Treats at Obsidian Bar and Grill

Pork Barbeque at Obsidian Bar and Grill

There’s a new bar and grill that recently opened in Ortigas Home Depot called Obsidian Bar and Grill. Aside from being a drinking venue and a place to watch local bands perform, they also boast their delicious pica-pica treats for everyone. Well, they weren’t wrong.

About 2 weeks ago, a friend of ours from Obsidian invited us to have a glimpse of their pica-picas before they formally open. We feasted on the dishes that are the must-orders when you come to their bar to watch great bands perform.

What I liked about their menu is that it’s simple and had all the pica-picas that must be ordered when you’re in a bar. Nothing really complicated. You might think that it’s just appetizers, they also have dishes that can be paired with rice. Well, we’re Filipinos and very flexible on what we want to pair with rice 😉 . Continue reading “Pica-Pica Treats at Obsidian Bar and Grill”

Lolo Dad’s Brasserie

Goose fat Fried Chicken at Lolo Dad's Brasserie 2
Goose fat Fried Chicken, 620 pesos per order

Lolo Dad’s Brasserie (at 6750 Ayala Ave., Makati City) is the more affordable version of Lolo Dad’s Cafe in Malate. According to Chef Ariel, the concept of these two restaurants are different. This means that the food that’s being offered in Lolo Dad’s Cafe don’t necessarily mean that it’s also being offered in Lolo Dad’s Brasserie. Continue reading “Lolo Dad’s Brasserie”

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Yin Yang and Toast at Ya Kun Kaya Toast
Yin Yang and Toast

Ya Kun Kaya Toast is one of the popular chains of kopitiams in Singapore and other parts of Asia. Just like a typical kopitiam, Ya Kun Kaya Toast offers coffee, tea, other beverages kaya toast, and soft boiled eggs. The first branch of Ya Kun Kaya Toast in the Philippines is in Ninoy Aquino International Airport 2 while the second branch is located along Escriva Drive in Pasig City. Continue reading “Ya Kun Kaya Toast”