Boosting Your Kids Immunity Can Save Them From Diseases

I have been obese for all my life. It’s unfortunate that I inherited most of the obesity genes from my father’s side. When I was young, my parents didn’t really care much about immunity and forgot the long term effects of overeating. Although I was active in sports back then, it’s still not enough because I still eat more.

Now that I am 20+ years old, I felt that I should’ve loved myself more and thought more of boosting my immunity when I was a kid. I’m not sure if I will be a mother some day but if ever I’ll have my own kids, I’ll make sure that I’ll start nourish them correctly so that they can be saved. Continue reading “Boosting Your Kids Immunity Can Save Them From Diseases”

I Got Curious About Australia’s Favorite, Vegemite


I once watched a feature on Australian cuisine in the Travel and Living channel and part of it, they talked about Vegemite. Many say that this is a favorite among Australians but never a favorite among non-Australians. I became curious about this spread and wondered if it really tasted good. When I learned that I was about to go to Australia for my training, I immediately thought of tasting this Australian delicacy. I got to taste it when I was having breakfast in Seasons Botanic Gardens, the hotel where I was staying at.

Vegemite is an Australian food paste made of yeast extract so basically it’s a spread for biscuits, crackers, toasts and many more. It’s dark-brown, looks like molasses but it’s a far cry from its taste. This spread has been around since 1922 and was bought by Kraft in the 1990’s. Now, how does it taste like? Well, it tastes like Chinese ham, it’s very salty. I took the advice of my boss in Australia to combine it with butter so that it wouldn’t become too salty.

New from Selecta Gold Label Series: Vanilla Almond Ice Cream

Selecta's Vanilla Almond Ice Cream

It was a hot afternoon then and a half gallon of ice cream arrived. Selecta made our day with the arrival of their newest offering from their Gold Label Series which is the Vanilla Almond ice cream. The Vanilla Almond ice cream flavor is a creation by Chef Ariel Manuel of Lolo Dad’s Cafe. Continue reading “New from Selecta Gold Label Series: Vanilla Almond Ice Cream”

Japanese food tripping in St. Kilda, Melbourne Australia

I wrote this when I was in Melbourne last November 3-10 🙂

Sunset in Melbourne

I’m currently in Melbourne for my training  and actually it’s been three days since I’ve been here. Most of the dining places around my area (St. Kilda, South Melbourne) are cafes so I don’t have the opportunity to really dine inside a cafe after work because they close at 3 or 4 pm. Continue reading “Japanese food tripping in St. Kilda, Melbourne Australia”

Have a great Buffet at Paul Calvin’s Deli

Buffet at Paul Calvin's Deli

Usually, a buffet ranges from 250 to 500 pesos. Some who would offer buffet would have a higher price than the usual range because of the variety of the dishes they offer. Paul Calvin’s Deli, located along Rizal Avenue in Fort Bonifacio, offers a number of selections at a price that one would usually pay for in a buffet. Continue reading “Have a great Buffet at Paul Calvin’s Deli”