Coming soon in Manila: Gelatissimo

Macadamia and Caramel Gelato at Gelatissimo
Macadamia and Caramel Gelato

During our trip to Cebu, we had a chance to go to Ayala Terraces. While we were walking around, we spotted “Gelatissimo”. Gelatissimo does not only offer fresh gelato. They also offer parfaits, sundaes, coffee, etc. We were really excited seeing this gelato store in Terraces because they don’t have a branch yet here in Manila. They will be opening here in Manila on December 2009. We already saw the signages in Greenbelt 5 (near the Dela Rosa walkway entrance) and got super dooper excited! By the way, Gelatissimo is an Australian gelato cafe chain. Aside from Australia and the Philippines, Gelatissimo has branches in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Continue reading “Coming soon in Manila: Gelatissimo”

Cebu Foodtripping #1: Abuhan Dos

Sizzling Pochero at Abuhan Dos

Just recently, we were in Cebu for the Philippine Blog Awards Visayas. Of course, prior to the event itself, we had a day and a half to taste Cebu’s food tripping places. The night we arrived in Cebu, our blogger friends were already done with dinner at Abuhan Dos. Even though it’s already almost 11 pm, we headed our way to Abuhan Dos to taste one of their specialties which is the Sizzling Pochero. Continue reading “Cebu Foodtripping #1: Abuhan Dos”

First Taste of Turkish Shawarma at Jacob’s

Salmon Shawarma at Jacob's Shawarma

We Filipinos are already familiar with shawarma but most of us only know the Persian type of Shawarma. I have been reading (and hearing) a lot about this place in Ortigas called Jacob’s Shawarma which serves the best shawarma in town.

While we were there on a Wednesday night, we were able to catch the owner of the restaurant who is Jacob Cortes. He’s Turkish and has been in the Philippines for almost a year now. He’s not only the owner, he’s also the cook and is very “hands on” in his restaurant. We had a little chat while eating our Salmon Shawarma. I learned that he’s also a model (ladies and guys looking for men, he’s good looking!) which he does in between manegerial obligations. Continue reading “First Taste of Turkish Shawarma at Jacob’s”

Adobong Manok sa Gata (Chicken Stewed in Coconut Cream)

(apologies for the ugly picture, I just used my mobile phone then)

I was inspired to cook when I watched the premiere of Julie and Julia a few weeks ago so I bought the September issue of Yummy Magazine and tried out this recipe called Adobong Manok sa Gata (Chicken stewed in coconut cream). There are many kinds of adobo in the Philippines but this has the Bicol touch because of the use of coconut cream. I love anything that has coconut cream in it so I decided to try this one in preparation for our Bicol trip next month.

The Adobong Manok was very delicious, although my presentation isn’t nice to look at. The recipe is very easy to do and the ingredients are not hard to find.

This was actually my first time to try this kind of recipe and was thinking of doing some variation after my first trial, maybe in the near future. So here is the recipe: Continue reading “Adobong Manok sa Gata (Chicken Stewed in Coconut Cream)”

Nomming at Nomnomnom!

Malinomnom at Nomnomnom!
Malinomnom, 195 pesos per order

Entering inside Nomnomnom! instantly gave us that “homey” feel. It’s something that one would usually look for in a restaurant. Nomnomnom! is for those who have an adventurous taste and gives you a different experience for each familiar dish. We tried their Malinomnom and Fried Ravioli. Continue reading “Nomming at Nomnomnom!”

Unit 8 Cafe: Italian Fusion Cuisine By the Bay

Fruity Wonton Salad at Unit 8 Cafe
Fruity Wonton Salad @Php 285

SM Mall of Asia is such a big mall with lots of dining places to choose from. A lot of them are already existing in other establishments but one of its unique restaurants is Unit 8 Cafe located near the bayside of the mall.

Fellow food bloggers and I were invited a few weeks ago to taste the delicious dishes that Unit 8 has to offer. Basically their dishes are a mixture of different international cuisines. So let’s start the foodtrippin’!

The Fruity Wonton salad is very good most especially if you’re health conscious. The wonton is made of cream cheese. It’s served with raspberry vinaigrette on the side. Continue reading “Unit 8 Cafe: Italian Fusion Cuisine By the Bay”