Classic Cuisine (C2): Familiar Filipino Dishes with a Twist

Aligue Rice at Classic Cuisine
Aligue Rice, 125 pesos per order

It was our first time at Classic Cuisine (also known as C2) at the Shanri-la Mall and I can’t believe why we haven’t tried that restaurant for the nth time of going to the mall. The restaurant is under the Cravings Group and after having tasted some of what they offer, I’ll be definitely going back there and try something new. Continue reading “Classic Cuisine (C2): Familiar Filipino Dishes with a Twist”

Selecta Ice Cream by Top Chefs

Selecta Hazelnut Brownie
Selecta Hazelnut Brownie

At times, it is still hot despite that lately, we’ve been experiencing a couple of rains and thunderstorms. And also sometimes, you would just want to chill out at your own home. Of course, the craving for an ice cream or anything cold will haunt you amidst the heat. What a better way to indulge yourself and forget your diet is having the Selecta Ice Cream experience designed by top chefs Rolando Laudico, Sau del Rosario and J. Gamboa. Continue reading “Selecta Ice Cream by Top Chefs”

Bigger Size of French Fries from Mcdonald’s

Mcdonald’s Philippines now offer a bigger size of French Fries. The old ‘large fries’ is now labelled as medium and their large size is much bigger (finally!). I ordered one when I was craving for Mcdonald’s for lunch earlier and I was surprised that their Fries are now bigger. I thought that I can finish it but apparently, I was struggling 😉 . Continue reading “Bigger Size of French Fries from Mcdonald’s”

Malacca Authentic Malaysian Cuisine in Makati

Chicken Satay at Malacca

Chicken Satay @ Php 250

Malaysian cuisine is very similar to Filipino cuisine except that the prior uses more spices in cooking. This is the reason why it’s not hard to appreciate Malaysian food because of the familiarity on the ingredients and even the way of cooking. There isn’t much Malaysian restaurants around Metro Manila but a good place to start your Malaysian food trip is in Malacca, a new Malaysian restaurant in Jupiter Street, Makati. Continue reading “Malacca Authentic Malaysian Cuisine in Makati”

Green Tea is the Way to Go

I love green tea and in any form of it also. Aside from the normal green tea which can be drank, there are also other ways to enjoy green tea. I have personally tried ice cream, yogurt ice cream, cheesecake and many more. Luckily, I found a green tea cafe here in Manila to enjoy the different green tea varieties. My addiction with green tea is not only because of its taste but actually because of its medicinal value it can contribute to our well being.

Green tea originated from China and has been known to cure headache and depression. It comes from the leaves of Camellia sinensis and undergoes very minimal oxidation. It’s dried instead of undergoing fermentation which is being done in black teas. Green tea has caffeine but not as strong as black tea.

I’ve made some researches over the internet and the common thing they say about green tea is that it helps prevent cancer. The fighting element against cancer is what we call as antioxidants which can be found in green tea. By drinking it everyday, it can help reduce bladder, colon, esophageal, pancreas, rectum, and stomach cancer by 60%. Also, I got information from the cancer thread in a natural health forum that it can also help prevent breast cancer. Continue reading “Green Tea is the Way to Go”

Krispy Kreme’s Mother’s Day Treat

Apple Cheesecake doughnuts by Krispy Kreme

Mother’s Day for 2009 will be celebrated on May 10 and you may want to treat your Mom for an Apple Cheesecake at Krispy Kreme. 😀 The Apple Cheesecake doughnut contains apple filling and it is topped with cream cheese icing, a drizzle of caramel and a couple of slices of red or green apples. Continue reading “Krispy Kreme’s Mother’s Day Treat”

Solihiya: Filipino and Chinese Fusion

Sizzling Bulalo Steak by Solihiya

We were looking for restaurants to eat around Greenbelt 5 that was not that really expensive. And so, we found ourselves inside Solihiya. Solihiya is a fusion of Filipino and Chinese. We were supposed to try the Lechon Macau Salad but I insisted on the Sizzling Bulalo Steak which is already good for two. 🙂 Continue reading “Solihiya: Filipino and Chinese Fusion”