Portico 1771

Portico at Serendra

We were invited to dine in Portico and my oh my I was really delighted with joy because it’s been a long time since I’ve dined to any Chateau restaurant. The last time I was in a Chateau place was in Sidebar Cafe last year and the last time I was in Portico was way back in High School (it was in Malate then, right?).

Baked Cheese Fondue by Portico

For our appetizer, we decided to have the Baked Cheese Fondue. It was so good and the nicest thing about it is that the waiter would give you additional bread if you asked for it (and even though you don’t ask for it! 🙂 ). The fondue is made of melted Fontina and Mozzarella Cheese and topped with chorizo and green bell pepper. Another good thing also about this appetizer is that it doesn’t leave you with the “maumay” taste unlike other cheeses. Continue reading “Portico 1771”

Explore the World at Bigby’s Cafe

At Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant - Megamall

Before we arrived at the restaurant, we were thinking as to why it was called Bigby’s. I hunched that maybe it’s because they have big servings of their food. Well, to our surprise the servings indeed are enough for 2-3 people to share. It was only the 2 of us who went there so it was really a struggle for us to taste the house specialties.

Just a little background, Bigby’s isn’t really new in the restaurant scene. It actually originated in Cagayan de Oro (1999) then opened branches in Cebu, Davao, Bacolod. The branch in Manila is their newest branch and has been earning raves about this newbie in town. The atmosphere of the restaurant feels like Indiana Jones or something like that so when you go there, you will have the “worldly” feeling of food tripping. Their staff complements the atmosphere by wearing brown explorer shorts and shirt with high socks.

Tijuana Quesadilla (Combo Beef and Chicken) at Bigby's Cafe

Tijuana Quesadilla (Combination of Beef and Chicken) 1/2 @ Php 165

There were a lot of food in the menu and we really didn’t know where to start. Good thing is our friendly server (or I think he’s the manager 😉 ) suggested some specialty and best seller dishes and we weren’t disappointed on the dishes he suggested to us. For our appetizer, we ordered Tijuana Quesadilla. You can choose from different fillings for their quesadilla: chicken, beef, combination or plain cheese. Our server suggested to get the combination as it tastes much better than the others. I liked the quesadilla because it is very tasty and the fillings are just enough. I loved the salsa! I could taste the cilantro and the plumpness of the tomatoes. Karla and I were talking that a whole quesadilla would probably make us full at once so good thing that we ordered half only. Continue reading “Explore the World at Bigby’s Cafe”

California Berry – Frozen Yogurt and Smoothies

California Berry

It was recently that we discovered that California Berry has already a branch in Paseo Center. We really loved though to check their branch at Silver City (near Tiendesitas) but we really don’t go there often. When we first discovered it there, we were already about to try but they were already closing. The second time we went to Paseo Center, we made sure that we finish our dinner way before the expected closing time. 🙂 Continue reading “California Berry – Frozen Yogurt and Smoothies”