F*#%^! Word

Tamaraw Wings at the F Word

Tamaraw Wings

Oops, it’s not profanity guys. It’s just the name of this new restaurant in Makati owned by film director, Eric Matti. He’s not only a film lover, but he’s also a food lover as he’s also one of the owners of Mogwai in Cubao X.

A week ago, we were invited to a food tasting event at F Word, it was attended of course by online food enthusiasts (like us 🙂 ). It was actually Karla and I’s first ‘babuyan fest’ after the holidays and for this year too (wow, diet fail. lol). We were introduced to Chef Francis who didn’t hesitate to answer our questions. The menu for the night was shown to us and much to our surprise, it was A LOT. The good thing about it is that they gave us small proportions so that we could at least finish until dessert. So let me give you a run down of the dishes that we tasted that night:

Starters: Black Calamares, Hassle Free Gambas and Tamaraw Wings

Soup: Pakbet Soup, Potato Leek Arroz Caldo and F Soup

Pasta: Chicken Liver with Thai Daing, Hipon Labong Ravioli on Basil Gata Sauce and Tuna Tilapia

Main Course: Lamb Menudo, Isla de Maji-Maji, Lechon Kawali and Sole Fillet with Seafood Paella Risotto

Dessert: Durian Cheesecake, Kasuy Tart and Banana Turtle Pie

****Note, the photos here are not the actual presentation of the dishes **** Continue reading “F*#%^! Word”

Have Cheap Italian Food with Big Oli

At Big Oli

Baked Ziti @ Php 160

Big Oli is somewhat a combination of Sbarro and Chef de Angelo but it’s much cheaper. The good thing about it is that the food tastes good. It’s almost the same quality as those 2 popular Italian fastfoods here in the Philippines. We ordered 3 things in the menu. I saw the Baked Ziti and tried to compare it to Sbarro. Well, it was ok but Sbarro’s is still much better. With its price at just Php 160, this is good for sharing with someone you love 🙂 Continue reading “Have Cheap Italian Food with Big Oli”

Breakfast Suggestion 1: Jollibee Pancake Sandwich with cheese and Hot Chocolate

If you think you’re to busy to get breakfast, you should then get a Jollibee Pancake Sandwich with cheese and a Hot Chocolate especially that the weather is a bit chilly right now. But if you’re not a fan of hot chocolate, you can pair it with other drinks as a value meal for 64 pesos.

Jollibee’s other delicious breakfast joys are also available through take-out, drive-thru and Jollibee’s 8-7000 express delivery.