Kanin Club at Paseo de Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Ensaladang Mangga at Kanin Club

Thai Green Mango Salad @ Php 115

This is the 3rd round of pigging out during our Plurk Lakbayan 08 in Tagaytay. This pit stop was supposed to be the 4th stop because we were supposed to have bulalo first at Leslie’s in Tagaytay but due to unfortunate events, we were not able to have our bulalo thus Kanin Club became our 3rd pit stop 😉 .

I believe Juned already ordered for everyone so each table has all of these dishes. If you’re gonna search other bloggers who were part of this, you’ll probably see different shots and angles of the dishes here hehe. So for our appetizer, he chose Thai Green Mango Salad. I immediately fell in love with this appetizer because the green mangoes are not that sour. The taste of cilantro, peanuts and lime juice are easily noticed when you taste this dish. There is a balance of sweet and sour (not in a sweet and sour pork way 😉 ) and this would really appetize your gastronomic cravings. Continue reading “Kanin Club at Paseo de Sta. Rosa, Laguna”

The Kebab Factory

Hyderabad Biryani at Kebab Factory
Hyderabad Biryani @Php 180

SM Megamall has just recently opened its Atrium and in it are lots of interesting restaurants to choose from and one of which is Kebab Factory. The Atrium is their first restaurant and will probably open other branches in the near future. At that time, they were still in their soft opening so the restaurant looks pretty simple. The place does not look like Persian at all unlike the other Persian restaurants we’ve been to like Mister Kabab, Ziggurat and many others. The common colors are white and yellow and the waitresses/waiters do not look Persian at all (meaning their uniforms 🙂 ).

We ordered 3 dishes: Hyderabad Biryani, Beef Kebab and Motabal with Pita Bread. The Hyderabad Biryani tastes great. I could really taste (and smell) the spices and you could really see the brightness of it. The brass bowl also compliments the Persian feel of it. Continue reading “The Kebab Factory”

Holiday Recipe 2: Herb Roasted Magnolia Gold Chicken

Here’s another recipe that I cooked last Noche Buena. I got this recipe again from Magnolia Gold Butter shelf years ago and this is the first time that I tried it. What I loved about this recipe is that the potatoes are really tasty since it was roasted with the chicken. Also another advice is not to cook it using the turbo broiler as it was take longer than the usual. You could probably baste it while being roasted if you will not be using an oven bag so that the butter and spices will penetrate more into the chicken. Continue reading “Holiday Recipe 2: Herb Roasted Magnolia Gold Chicken”

Peri-Peri Grill House

No, it isn’t a disease (because it sounds like beri-beri) but this is one of the best places to go to when you’re at the Promenade Mall in Greenhills. The place was just actually newly renovated just August of this year and was previously named as Peri-Peri.

Fish and Chips at Peri Peri

Php 230 per order

For our appetizer, we ordered Fish and Chips. I must say that this is one of the best Fish and Chips I’ve ever tasted. It is actually coated with beer batter and served with tangy tartar sauce. Continue reading “Peri-Peri Grill House”

Bag of Beans at Tagaytay

Outside Bag of Beans
Outside Bag Of Beans

It was our first time to go to Bag of Beans last Friday at Tagaytay. It’s a coffee shop and restaurant that also sells ground coffee and coffee beans, plus English pies and bread to take home with you. So, instead of going to Starbucks in Tagaytay, why don’t you try out this one? 🙂 Continue reading “Bag of Beans at Tagaytay”

Holiday Recipe 1: Banana Cream

Banana Cream

It’s Christmas time once more and I am tasked to cook for Noche Buena and New Year’s Eve of course. I am still deciding on what to cook for the main dishes but I am already sure of the dessert 🙂 . I found a recipe of M.Y San’s Grahams. My mom and I like to collect those recipe flyers whenever we are in the grocery. Ok, so here is the recipe:

M.Y San Grahams Banana Cream


10 pieces M.Y. San Grahams Honey
3 pieces Lacatan Bananas sliced 1/4 thick
4 tablespoons sugar
1 1/2 tablespoons cornstarch
3/4 can (301 mL) evaporated milk
2 pieces egg yolk
1 1/2 tablespoons butter, melted
3/4 teaspoon vanilla
3/4 cup (3/4 of 250 mL brick) all purpose cream, chilled


1) Do Cream- In a pan, mix cornstarch, sugar and milk. Cook over low heat until corstarch and sugar are dissolved. In a bowl, mix egg yolks and half of milk mixture. Pour egg-milk mixture back into the pan. Stir. Add vanilla and butter. Simmer on low heat until thick. Add bananas. Cook for 3-5 minutes.

2) Layer – In a 6×6 pan, layer M.Y San Grahams. Pour 1/2 of mixture. Spread evenly. Do one more later alternativng My. San Grahams and mixture.

3) Whip Cream – Put chilled all purpose cream in a bowl and whip till stiff and doubled in volume.

4) Chill and top with whipped cream. Serve.


La Grotta Cucina Italiana

We found an Italian fine dining restaurant hidden in the Makati Central Business District area and we must say that it doesn’t look like one. Karla and I always pass by Rufino St. and have been curious in this restaurant called La Grotta. One day, we decided to try dining there due to my uncontrollable craving for something Italian.

The exterior of the restaurant was actually filled with Christmas lights. Well, it wasn’t Christmas season yet so it’s really part of their normal look. They have stairs on their entrance and the very first thing you will see is a table and few chairs before entering the restaurant. The moment we entered the restaurant, we were surprised because it somewhat transported us to another world that is so not like the busy restaurants in Makati. It was dinner time and lights were dimmed, candles were lit and flowers were on the table. We immediately thought of this as a ‘date place’. It was very cozy and the ambiance is really superb.

I was craving for pasta so I chose Penne Salsiccie (Php 295). It’s penne w/ spicy Italian sausage, fresh mixed olives in tomato sauce. My oh my, I was astonished by this dish. It was so delicious. I thought that it would be just like the ordinary restaurants I’ve eaten before but this is different. Their ingredients are so fresh plus, they have big serving so no need to add another entree. Continue reading “La Grotta Cucina Italiana”

White Berry Yogurt

After the Pride March, we were looking for an ATM in Malate and we passed by Bellagio Square towards Robinson’s Midtown. We saw this yoghurt place called White Berry and of course, tickled our sweet (or is it yoghurt?) tooth 😉 . We just had dinner then in Casa Armas with some bloggers such as Juned, Sire, Manolo, AJ and many more so we decided to have dessert.

We ordered a large cup with fresh strawberries and mochi. The good thing about their yogurt ice cream is that it’s not too sour and it’s not too sweet. The taste is just right. Their store has just recently opened (last September 2008) so they still have few toppings to choose from. They also have a strawberry yogurt ice cream; haven’t tried that yet but will try when I get the chance to be around that area again. As for the price, it is at par with the other yogurt ice cream shops we’ve been before so I think it’s ok.

Here’s the price list:

Plain Yogurt regular/ large: Php 85/ Php 130
Strawberry Yogurt regular/ large: Php 105 / Php 150
Toppings (1)= Php 15
Toppings (2) = Php 25
Toppings (3) = Php 30

In addition, the store itself would be a great haven for internet addicts since they offer free wifi.