Delifrance and My Secret Santa


Earlier today, I went with Sha at Delifrance Insular Life to get our goodies from our Secret Santa. I went out empty-handed but it’s okay 🙂 because I understand that the branch is near to most offices and it is situated at the heart of Ayala Avenue and Pasay Road. I would not wonder why they would run out of stocks by around 7pm. When I arrived home, I was not expecting that a surprise was waiting to be indulged. 😀 Continue reading “Delifrance and My Secret Santa”

Congratulations to the winner of the Wii Party at Red Box Contest

The decision has been made and the authors of Food Trippings have chosen the winner of the Wii Party at Red Box contest. This comment is not valid since it is not a Wii character. The winning comment goes to Roanne Lim.

Here’s Roanne’s comment:

I’m Jigglypuff from Super Smash Brothers. I’m cute and pink, and like Jigglypuff my singing puts people to sleep. If I win a Wii party at Red Box I can brush up on my singing and play the Wii at the same time, hitting two birds with one stone… hahaha! That is if I don’t put everyone to sleep first…

We like her answer best because it has spelled what fun at Red Box means. 🙂

Please do call and schedule your Wii Party at GeiserMaclang Unit 7C, 114 Tuscan Bldg., V. A Rufino St. , Legaspi Village, Makati City. Tel. No. 02.812.8828 / 02.812.9199 / 0917.523.4624.

Yogurbud’s Yogurt Smoothies

Banana Yoghurt Smootie in Yogurbud
Banana Yogurt Smoothie

Will Yogurbud be your buddy to a healthier lifestyle? Yogurbud’s selections are: Frozen Yogurt, Creamy Yogurt, Yogurt Smoothies and Coffee. Aside from these, they also have yogurt-based products such as puddings, breads, salads and ice cream. Since we just wanted a cool and refreshing drink, we ordered for a Banana Yogurt Smoothie. Continue reading “Yogurbud’s Yogurt Smoothies”