Jollibee Crispy Bangus

Bangus all day
After Breakfast Crispy Bangus

Enjoy an exciting crispy bangus food tripping at Jollibee from morning to evening. This will surely be enjoyed by those who are looking for something unique in a fastfood chain. Each order of the crispy bangus contains lightly smoked portion of cut bangus with a distinct peppery and vinegar taste and fried to a golden crisp. Continue reading “Jollibee Crispy Bangus”

Amici: Pizza, Pasta, Gelato and more

Cannelonni by Amici
Cannelonni Agli Spinaci ( Php 180)

Amici has just recently opened their branch in Tomas Morato, QC. It’s in Bellagio Square, right under Ratsky’s and beside Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Their original branch was near Don Bosco. Many people I know recommended this restaurant for us to try and so we did. Continue reading “Amici: Pizza, Pasta, Gelato and more”

Mojito Goodness at Friday’s

Classic Mojito ( Php 165)

Mojito is a refreshing Cuban drink. It’s a mixture of white rum, sugar, lime, carbonated water and mint. I usually drink Mojitos when I don’t want to drink beer ( and feel a bit girly I guess 🙂 ) One place you can have some refreshingly good mojitos is in TGI Friday’s.

Strawberry Mojito ( Php 185)

The Strawberry Mojito is also a must try at Friday’s. It’s a bit sweet but stil has the Classic Mojito kick. It’s good that Friday’s serve it in a medium-tall glass so it’s worth your money. 

Karaage Chicken Vegetable Wrap

Karaage Chicken Vegetable Wrap by Kozui Green Tea
Karaage Chicken Vegetable Wrap (PhP 158 pesos per order)

Aside from green tea latte, Kozui Green Tea offers meals. We stated in our previous post that we will try one soon. 🙂 We first tried Kozui Green Tea’s bestseller which is the Karaage Chicken Vegetable Wrap. Continue reading “Karaage Chicken Vegetable Wrap”

Do you like to have a Wii Party at Red Box?

Last week, me and Sharlyne were able to join other bloggers in a night of pure fun at Red Box experiencing Nintendo Wii party for the first time. It was also a night of adrenaline rush since we played Wii Sports. We would also like to share our experience to you by joining our contest. 🙂 Please do read the mechanics after the jump. Continue reading “Do you like to have a Wii Party at Red Box?”

Jatujak: Thai food, Iced Coffee and More

Thai Iced Coffee and Thai Iced Green Tea by Jatujak
Thai Iced Coffee and Thai Iced Green Tea, 70 pesos each

There’s this new restaurant we tried out in SM Mall of Asia recently. Since we are not really frequent visitors of Mall of Asia, we make sure that we dine at the places that are not really accessible in the most common areas we go to. So here’s Jatujak ( pronounced as ‘chatuchak’), a Thai restaurant we found just beside Foccaccino. FYI: the name itself is what the Thailanders call their weekend market in Thailand. Continue reading “Jatujak: Thai food, Iced Coffee and More”

Focaccino, a Taste of Authentic Northern Italian Cuisine

Chicken Marsala by Focaccino
Chicken Marsala, 275 pesos per order

Focaccino is our newest discovery at SM Mall of Asia where we enjoyed food tripping because of the various selections there. It’s concept is inspired by Milan’s popular restaurants as what have been mentioned in Focaccino’s official website. Continue reading “Focaccino, a Taste of Authentic Northern Italian Cuisine”