Seafood Island

To celebrate my officemate’s birthday and also a some sort of send off celebration too, my former officemates and I went to Seafood Island to have some round of beers ( this was at noon, take note 🙂 ).

As part of their beer bucket promo, we were served with appetizers. These were some of the appetizers they served:

Five Spice Chips

Pinoy Nachos Continue reading “Seafood Island”

Nestle Creamery (formerly known as Magnolia House)

UFO by Magnolia House
UFO, 98 pesos per serving

Me and my siblings were brought to Magnolia House back in the 80’s (or early 90’s) (that’s what’s it’s called back then). I remember myself playing at their outdoor playground. When me and Sha visitied the Magnolia House, which is already known as Nestle Creamery, the outdoor playground looks different based on what I was able to remember. Continue reading “Nestle Creamery (formerly known as Magnolia House)”

Black Forest Sundae spells Pure Chocolate Bliss

Black Forest Sundae by Jollibee

If you have enjoyed the Rocky Road Brownie Sundae which has been our substitute for our favorite dessert at Friday’s which is the Double Chocolate Fudgy Brownie, then you would definitely enjoy Black Forest Sundae that spells pure chocolate bliss. Continue reading “Black Forest Sundae spells Pure Chocolate Bliss”

Make your own Pizza at California Pizza Kitchen

Pear and Gorgonzola by CPK
Pear and Gorgonzola

Me and Sha were able to embark on a pizza adventure at California Pizza Kitchen and we certainly deviated from the usual pepperoni and New York style pizzas. The CPK Pizza experience is like a merge of different cultures and different tastes. Aside from the pizza adventure, what has been a challenge to me is the pizza making itself. Continue reading “Make your own Pizza at California Pizza Kitchen”

Baker’s Passion

We found Baker’s Passion in Robinson’s Place Manila ( level 2 of the Midtown wing)  right across KXP. It looks interesting because we also love breads and this is somewhat like “Bread Talk” but this has much more varieties. They also serve food and drinks, could be a coffee shop. They also do the same process, you get your own tray and tong then you select the bread that you want and go straight to the counter when you’re done. I just bought 2 pieces of bread for my Mom which are Banana Almond Muffin ( right in the picture) and another bread ( which I forgot the name 🙂 ) Continue reading “Baker’s Passion”

Bubble Tea

I’ve always been curious about Bubble Tea, probably because it’s so colorful 🙂 When Karla and I were in Megamall one time, we decided to cool down in this joint. We ordered the Taro Milk Bubble Tea and Green Tea Milk Bubble Tea. As you can see there’s vanilla ice cream on top. We actually got full when we drank this one. As for me, I was so thirsty I actually finished it up probably in 10 or 15 minutes 🙂 Continue reading “Bubble Tea”

Are you KXP? Try the Kulinarya Experience

This is one interesting resto we tried while we were in Robinson’s Place Manila yesterday. It says on their store name that it’s the “new pasta and rice experience” so we decided to check this place out.

The restaurant offers 28 combinations to choose from. So the basic thing is their teppanyaki grill choices. So here are the steps in eating in KXP:

Step 1: Choose your meat or seafood

  • Meat: Ribeye Steak ( Php 220), Pork Tenderloin Steak ( Php 160), Chicken Fillet ( Php 175) and Beef Burger ( Php 150)
  • Seafood: Shrimps Teppanyaki ( Php 180), Fish Fillet ( Php 150) and Squid Teppanyaki ( Php 135)

Step 2: Choose your sauce

  • Meat: Steak sauce or Teriyaki Sauce
  • Seafood: Gambas Sauce or Teriyaki Sauce

Step 3: Choose your siding

  • Pasta ( Herb pasta served with Garlic Bread)
  • Rice ( Steamed rice served with Mixed Vegetable Teppan), one can add Php 25 to change to fried rice

They also have rice meals pastas that look interesting. These are the pasta meals: Mac and Cheese (Php 120), Italian Burger Melt ( Php 180), Crabstick Tempura on Aligue Pasta ( Php 175) and Bacon and Shitake Mushroom Linguine ( Php 170). Here’s the rice meals: Spicy tofu Sisig with Rice ( Php 95), Tuna and Mushroom Gratin Rice ( Php 160), Baked Shrimp Thermidor Rice ( Php 180) and Chicken Strips on Baked Tomato Rice ( Php 160). Continue reading “Are you KXP? Try the Kulinarya Experience”