Nestle Creamery (formerly known as Magnolia House)

UFO by Magnolia House
UFO, 98 pesos per serving

Me and my siblings were brought to Magnolia House back in the 80’s (or early 90’s) (that’s what’s it’s called back then). I remember myself playing at their outdoor playground. When me and Sha visitied the Magnolia House, which is already known as Nestle Creamery, the outdoor playground looks different based on what I was able to remember. Continue reading “Nestle Creamery (formerly known as Magnolia House)”

Black Forest Sundae spells Pure Chocolate Bliss

Black Forest Sundae by Jollibee

If you have enjoyed the Rocky Road Brownie Sundae which has been our substitute for our favorite dessert at Friday’s which is the Double Chocolate Fudgy Brownie, then you would definitely enjoy Black Forest Sundae that spells pure chocolate bliss. Continue reading “Black Forest Sundae spells Pure Chocolate Bliss”

Make your own Pizza at California Pizza Kitchen

Pear and Gorgonzola by CPK
Pear and Gorgonzola

Me and Sha were able to embark on a pizza adventure at California Pizza Kitchen and we certainly deviated from the usual pepperoni and New York style pizzas. The CPK Pizza experience is like a merge of different cultures and different tastes. Aside from the pizza adventure, what has been a challenge to me is the pizza making itself. Continue reading “Make your own Pizza at California Pizza Kitchen”

Savory Chicken at SM Mall of Asia

Must-try at Savory Chicken
Savory Chicken must-try

It was my first time to try Savory Chicken a few weeks back with my siblings and my nephews. I can’t recall if I already tried the classic Savory but I remember passing by a restaurant called Savory in Manila way back. I think I was in grade school at that time. Anyway, I haven’t checked the difference of the Savory Chicken located in the malls and the classic one. I guess me and Sha will try it one of these days. 😀 Continue reading “Savory Chicken at SM Mall of Asia”

Texas Roadhouse Grill

Grilled Chicken Sandwich at Texas Roadhouse Grill
Grilled Chicken Sandwich 275 pesos per serving

We had dinner at Texas Roadhouse Grill at Bonifacio High Street and it was my second time to eat there. The first time was last year. If you’re familiar on what they serve on TGI Friday’s, then you won’t that have much of a hard time choosing what food to eat at Texas Roadhouse Grill. Continue reading “Texas Roadhouse Grill”

Rodic’s Diner at Salcedo St.

Tapsilog at Rodic's

The first time that I had a Rodic’s tapsilog was during this year’s UP fair. After that, my next Rodic’s experienced was just yesterday evening and it was in Makati. I haven’t walked along Salcedo St. to check if there’s any interesting place to eat. Thanks to Juned for setting our meeting there for the Philippine Blog Awards documentation. 😀 Continue reading “Rodic’s Diner at Salcedo St.”

Honeybear Chicken Haus

Greaseless fried chicken at Honeybear Chicken Haus
Honeybear chicken feast

I didn’t know that Honeybear Chicken Haus was already known in the late 80’s and the early 90’s according to this Sunstar article. It was located at Malvar Street (now Duterte street). After the restaurant’s non-existence for years, it’s back. 😀 Continue reading “Honeybear Chicken Haus”