President’s Tea House Express

We always would frequent to Glorietta 4’s Food Choices to have some quick fix for our hunger. Even though we’ve been eating there quite a lot, it’s actually our first time to try President’s Tea House Express there. It was right beside Meister’s. The food seems enticing since they have dimsum, Yang Chow and other Chinese dishes. I thought that I was not in the mood for Chinese but when I saw their prices, it seems enticing. They have value meals for those who are on tight budget.

I decided to order their dimsum+Yang Chow meal. I chose siomai as my dimsum and then ordered an extra iced tea. The meal actually is priced at Php 96.00.

On the other hand, Karla ordered 1 dish+ steamed rice meal ( also priced at Php 96.00,you would need to add Php 10.00 if you’re going to select the dishes included with that addition). She ordered Lemon Chicken as her dish. We also added some mini asado siopao on the side πŸ™‚

So all in all, we paid about Php 329.00 for all of these including the drinks. It was a quick Chinese food fix for us. We’re really full and it’s a great deal if you’re craving for Chinese fastfood.

Feeling Heavenly with Heaven N’ Eggs

I really enjoy eating breakfast. I could probably eat it during any time of the day. I won’t mind πŸ™‚ . This morning after my work, Karla and I decided to eat our ‘brunch’ in Heaven N’ Eggs in Glorietta 4. We’ve been fans of pancakes and eggs so we decided to eat there.

We decided to sit in the ‘swing’ area, so that we could feel that we’re in the countryside eating breakfast. This is what I like in Heaven N’ Eggs, it actually makes you feel cozy and sunshiny. It’s nice to eat there in the morning, it just gives you a good vibe to brighten up your day. Well that is for ‘normal’ people who start their work in the morning not like me I start work in the evening πŸ™‚ . The color yellow is very evident and waiters would greet you with a smile.

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Pho Hoa at Greenbelt 1


If you’re working within Legaspi Village, Makati City and you’d just like to have something Asian and a bit different, try Pho Hoa at Greenbelt 1. And if you decided to have lunch/dinner there and it’s rainy at the same time, I would suggest for you to order a bowl of Beef Brisket and Flank Pho which consists of tendon, meat balls, beef brisket, and flank. Continue reading “Pho Hoa at Greenbelt 1”

Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu and Grill buffet

Grill and Shabu Shabu at Tong Yang

Me and Sha had a dinner at Tong Yang at SM Megamall. This is not a typical buffet where you get food and you eat it. At Tong Yang, you get the food that you want to grill, be it a chicken, pork, lamb, etc. You would also have to get the ingredients for the shabu-shabu. After that, you have to do the cooking. πŸ˜€ Continue reading “Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu and Grill buffet”

Bellini’s Ristorante

Bellini’s is owned by an Italian named Roberto Bellini and his Filipina wife Luisa. Roberto Bellini used to be a papparazo ( yes, he has been a papparazo for 30 years) and he came here to the Philippines in 1986 because he was assigned to cover the EDSA Revolution then. He met his wife, Luisa in MalacaΓ±ang Palace then they got married and lived in Italy for 10 years then decided to come back to Manila and establish a restaurant. Luisa actually learned the recipes from Roberto’s mom and then she took 15 years to perfect the recipes. Right now she’s taking care of the kitchen while Roberto takes care of public relations.

It was a special day for us that’s why I brought Karla to Bellini’s. It wasn’t my first time there, the very first I’ve been there was back in college when I accompanied my friend King for her Italian language class then. In short, saling pusa. I fell in love with the food then and I decided that someday I will go back to that restaurant with someone that I want to share a special day with πŸ™‚ .

Years passed and nothing has changed. The quality of food is still the same. The waiters are still very hospitable and knowledgeable. That’s what I like about this restaurant, they really know what they serve. I think some of them can speak Italian πŸ™‚ . When we went there, it was a Saturday night lots of couples were having dinner. There was also a folk singer there to serenade the couples having dinner :p . Mr. Bellini, Mr. Bellini’s son is there as well as his family. They were half-Italian and half-Filipino, nice mixture of breeds anyway πŸ˜‰


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Green Tomato


(Margherita Pizza) 

There’s this stall at the 9th floor of Philam Building in Paseo de Roxas where fastfood Italian food is comaparable to the real thing. I’m not kidding.

We ordered the Margherita Pizza and wow it really tastes so good! It’s actually thin crusted. It’s priced at Php 100.00. Green Tomato also has pastas and dessert in their menu ( pastas can be shared). Their price ranges fromPhp 85.00 and above.