Unboxing J.Co Donuts

J.Co Donuts 1

I just got home and was surprised by two dozens of J.Co Donuts! They arrived here in the afternoon while I was at work and only got to taste them a few minutes ago. They all looked so yummy and couldn’t really choose which one to taste first. As you can see, someone (not me) was too eager to taste the donut before the photo sessions are going on hence, explains the space on the box of Al Capone donuts. 

J.Co Donuts Box

J.Co Donuts originated from Indonesia and they have already expanded to Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and Singapore. They will be opening their flagship branch here in Manila (specifically in SM Megamall) on February March16, 2012. I believe another branch will be opened in Greenbelt 3 afterwards. I was curious to know who brought the franchise of J.Co Donuts and the PR told me that they were brought here by Contemporain Foods Inc (sister company of Liwayway Marketing). They already have a kitchen here and they are busy training for the crew who will be working for the flagship store.

Al Capone - J.Co Donuts

Al Capone

So I decided to first taste Al Capone, it’s made of white chocolate sprinkled with almonds. Not sure if the abundance of almonds will be  like this when they sell it at their stores soon. 🙂

Assorted Donuts from J.Co

Assorted Donuts

The other box is composed of assorted J.Co donuts. The green one is Green Tea flavored with cream filling. Other flavors were coffee, strawberry and many others. What I liked about their donuts is that they’re not very sweet compared to Krispy Kreme. I am just not sure on the price yet :D.

Aside from donuts, they will also be serving their signature coffee and yogurt ice cream.

Good news for the first 200 customers on February 16, 2012 because J.Co Donuts will be giving away a surprise! Take note that they will open at 9:00 am so if I were you, better arrive early!

11 thoughts on “Unboxing J.Co Donuts”

  1. The boxes of donuts were delivered to our homes, courtesy of the PR of J.Co donuts. They already have a kitchen in Pasay, that’s where our donuts came from.

  2. i’ve tried their donuts while i was in KL.. super yummy and you’re right it has the right amount of sweetness and it tasted much better than Krispy Kreme. In fact, I missed it so much that when I came back here in the Philippines, I bought 1 dozen of Go Nuts donuts and bought Krispy Kreme the following day.. and i was disappointed.. i also loved the Big Apple Donuts.. You should try it also. yummy!!! I saw a J.Co signage or ad in Trinoma (Opening Soon) but there’s no info in the net as to its opening date.

  3. * Correction re: kitchen. Just got an email saying that their kitchen is not in Pasay.
    Well, anywhere it may be it’s still donuts! 🙂

    @Runer, according to the PR, J.Co will be opened by 6 am. Their store is at the Megamall Strip which is located outside of the mall so I guess they can open that early on their first day.

  4. Wow… an entire box of the Al Capone’s looks… filling (with taste and calories). I feel overwhelmed with just a dozen glazed from Krispy Kreme. These would send me in to toxic sugar overdose (because I know I would not stop at just 1 or 2).

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