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Here’s another yogurt ice cream place you can add to the existing and booming industry of yogurt ice cream here in Manila. We happened to pass by SM Sky Garden and we saw this new yogurt ice cream place called Green Mango.

Green Mango represents the yogurt and ice cream line of the popular juice and smoothies company called Fruit Magic. Their first branch is in Katipunan, Quezon City.

Karla and I tried the original yogurt ice cream with almond nuts, blueberries and mangoes as toppings. We have tasted almost all of the existing yogurt places in town so of course we will compare it to the best one we’ve tasted namely White Hat and Red Mango. Green Mango yogurt ice cream is not at par among the 2 mentioned. Probably, they’ll rank 4th or at par with the others but definitely higher than Yohgurt Froz.

The winning factor for Green Mango is that they have the cheapest yogurt ice cream in town. They have 2 sizes for their yogurt ice cream: medium and large. Their medium sized chocolate, strawberry and sweet and creamy yogurt ice cream are only worth Php 48  while the large sizes are only Php 68. The original yogurt ice cream costs Php 68 for the medium sized and Php 88 for the large size.

Here are the prices if you want to have 3 toppings in your yogurt ice cream :

Chocolate yogurt ice cream with 3 toppings: Php 68 (medium), Php 88 (large)
Strawberry yogurt ice cream with 3 toppings: Php 68 (medium), Php 88 (large)
Sweet and creamy yogurt ice cream with 3 toppings: Php 68 (medium), Php 88 (large)
Original yogurt ice cream with 3 toppings: Php 88 (medium), Php 108 (large)

if you like some more, you can have it for only Php 12 per topping. Their toppings are the usual toppings, nothing really adventurous about it.

Another winning factor is they have different kinds of yogurt ice cream. As I mentioned, they have flavors such as chocolate, strawberry and sweet and creamy.

They also have yogurt smoothies and regular ice cream.

7 Responses to “Green Mango Yogurt Ice Cream”

  1. Badet

    Haven’t checked the establishments in SM Sky Garden…

    I’m quite confused with the names of fro-yos here, kasi the names are derived from another fro-yo place. Like Red Mango-Green Mango, White Berry-Red Berry (found in ELJ ABS-CBN)..

  2. Sharlyne Ang

    Oh yeah, they rip off each other’s names. I love hanging out at SM Sky Garden, they have free wifi kasi. Though in Green Mango’s location, no wifi. It’s actually weird..

  3. Sharlyne Ang


    the reason for similarity in prices is because fruit magic owns green mango (as what i have mentioned above).

  4. Joshua

    Fruit magic isn’t a smoothie franchise its just shakes bad ones too. Mondo makes great smoothies though


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