Savory Chicken at SM Mall of Asia

Must-try at Savory Chicken
Savory Chicken must-try

It was my first time to try Savory Chicken a few weeks back with my siblings and my nephews. I can’t recall if I already tried the classic Savory but I remember passing by a restaurant called Savory in Manila way back. I think I was in grade school at that time. Anyway, I haven’t checked the difference of the Savory Chicken located in the malls and the classic one. I guess me and Sha will try it one of these days. πŸ˜€

Lomi at Savory Chicken
Savory Classic Lomi Soup at 160 pesos

We ordered for a Savory Classic Lomi Soup and it costs 160 pesos. The serving is big and it’s good for five people. The soup’s flavor is rich and the texture is thick just the way we like our lomi. πŸ˜€

We also ordered for a Savory Classic Chicken. Your Savory Chicken experience, won’t be complete without trying this one. In fact, their chicken should be included in your compulsory list of items to be ordered at Savory Chicken. πŸ˜€

Fish fillet with Tofu in Taosi Sauce at Savory Chicken
Fish Fillet with Tofu in Taosi Sauce – 175 pesos

We also ordered for a Fish Fillet with Tofu in Taosi Sauce. An order of this one consists of pan-fried fish fillet, with tofu squares in black bean sauce. An order of this is already good for 3 to 5 people.

24 thoughts on “Savory Chicken at SM Mall of Asia”

  1. Love the chicken… I’ve been to the main branch a lot of times before and I must say, there are many viands in the malls that both look and taste better except the chicken. Not that I’ve tried the one in MOA, but the one in SM San Lazaro sure didn’t come close.

  2. the classic savory chicken found in most of the new sm malls really serve the best fried chicken and is comparable to the savory of the 60s era..juicy and tasty

  3. for me nothing beats the original savory restaurant in escolta. my relatives and i dont find the taste of the new savory’s in malls delectable. come to think of it, we’re the 3rd generation na of savory eaters in our family.. pero its really different. try it!

  4. I do agree with erik, there is something different with the taste of the new savory resto’s. When I found out that there was a newly opened Savory in Glorietta, I got excited to once again taste the chicken of Max’s rival. It has been decades since I last ate a savory chicken. The last time I ate at savory was in the ’80s, when a savory outlet was still open in Ever Gotesco Caloocan. Even if it was decades ago,I still could distinguish that its not the same taste that I once loved.

  5. I work near Mall of Asia, and I usually dine at savory e-com! The foods are good as in sobRang sarap but their manager is so exasperating as in naka upo lang he is the bossy type(sya ba owner) hekhekhek even if she saw us coming in the store not even taking a chance to greet or open the door for us! Heto pa my friend just arrived from malaysia yesterday and she wants to taste savory chicken but to our dismay 1030am na wala pa daw silang luto wala daw kasi susi manager nila kaya late sila nag-open! hay too sad Savory has this kind of employees!! I just wish the next time I visited the place eh hindi ganon asal manager pa man din…

  6. the manager in savory e-com, the way he ask the customer (us) tanugin mo sa dalawa na iyan kung darating pa iyong kasama nila. That time we are waiting for my parents,na reserve na kami ng table, cguro were been there for about 30 mins, the way he talk hindi maganda, customer kami he can ask us in a nice way. pls paki monitor.

  7. Hi, I just tried Savory two weekends ago at Ali Mall. Their dishes are well-made. Service is remarkable. I’ve tasted their chicken in the past that’s why I opted to order something else and blog about it in my site

  8. i work in one ecom center in fairness sa mga manager they are really great kahit hindi kakain sa kanila talagang nakikita ko yung pag-welcome nila sa mga guest.kahit yung mga passers lng sa resto nila talagang sila pa po kse namin

  9. hi,I’m a call center agent of acs of the phils,We are base in one-ecom center in mall of asia.Thankful po kami to have savory sa grd.flr ng building.people their are awesome they treated as like special guest.kahit sino naman pumasok dun di nag bago greetings nila.from the door may bumbati yung cashier din.pagbigay ng menu meron pa rin.di ko lng alam kung ano yung mga naka-blue kse cla mismo ng-tuturo ng proper way how to satisfy thier are great guys….

  10. I agree with meekes and erik! I’ve been eating at Savory ORIGINAL ever since I could eat solid food and I love the gravy! I used to drink it πŸ™‚ and after eating at Savory Classic (in Greenhills and other malls), I was a bit disappointed. Good thing there’s an Original Savory that opened near our place in Santolan. πŸ™‚

  11. awesome tlaga pag classic savory.. they have already launched additional dishes, sana matikman nyo… SEAFOOD malunggay is one of my fave. if ur vegeterian namn try their Vegetable Malunggay noodles or ther lumpia vegetable enriched of nutritious veg. … yummy tlaga…

  12. how do you procounce that SAVORY?
    some says SAVORY as (SAY-VORI)
    some says SAVORY as (SAAVORI)as SA – RAP

  13. mam sharlyne Ang, if ur are near Manila try to get this number for their delivery service free of charge 5271985… tenk yu

    mr jo. well pronounce it the way it sounds good to the ear and delicious to the tongue just like classic savory Chicken.

  14. guys out there if you want to taste the tenderest and juiciest chicken pick your lucky number to call classic savory branches near to you.

    SM NORTH EDZA- 9283002
    ALIMALL 9135439
    SM STA. MESA- 7141307
    SM SAN LAZARO- 3530591
    ROBINSON’S ERMITA- 5671944
    SM MANILA 5271958
    MOA 9000791
    ECOM CENTER ( MOA) 5566481
    SM PASIG 7063164
    GLORRIETA 4 8193927
    LANDMARK 8937511
    THE LINK 5568810
    CASH AND CARRY 8560044
    ALABANG TOWN CENTER 5568257/ 7106299
    FESTIVAL MALL 8283613
    SM LAS PIΓ‘AS 8720163
    SM ROSARIO CAVITE 046-4898744
    SM PAMPANGA 045-4550971
    SM CLARK 045-4990344
    AYALA MALL (MARQUE MALL) 045-3040735
    SM LIPA 043-7842576
    SM BAGUIO 074-4241991
    SM MEGAMALL 4706323
    ETON 4706127



  15. ask q lng po kun may service fee ba d2?balak q kc d2 maganniversary date with my love.
    tnx sa sasagot!

  16. “Nothing beats the ORIGINAL RESTAURANT.” Still, Savory Original got the best Fried Chicken in Manila. Been eating their Chicken for almost 25 years.

  17. i like savory food talaga..tuwing date nmin ng hubby ko,lagi ko sinabi savory tau kasi super yummmy talaga ang chicken nila.sana hindi mag babago ang lasa.

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