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We’re glad Sbarro Megamall is open to the public again. Our craving for Baked Ziti and White Cheese Pizza were satisfied.

Baked Ziti
Baked Ziti with Tomato and Alfredo Sauce

White Cheese Pizza
White Cheese Pizza

What’s new in Sbarro? Well, the food is still the same ( well it should be! :) ), it’s just the interiors that were changed. It used to be a little darker and reddish inside the restaurant, now their main motif is white. The white motif gives a fresh look in Sbarro outlets. We hope that Sbarro Glorietta will be open to the public again.

12 Responses to “Craving for Sbarro”

  1. Karla Redor

    I still miss the Glorietta branch even if it’s small hehe

  2. u8mypinkcookies

    sbarro is love! white pizza and baked ziti with red sauce for me 😀

  3. dina

    my son loves white pizza and wouldn’t eat anything else whenever at Sbarro
    Festival Mall, Alabang

  4. karin araneta

    i’ve always loved Sbarro (baked zitti forever!) till one day a friend of mine told me that everything there tastes the same. then i realized, he was right. all their items (pasta, pizza…) have the same tomato base kasi. eversince then i didn’t enjoy it na as much. but i still LOVE their garlic bread. i can eat just that and be happy!

  5. Rick Vaughn

    I went to this exact location in late 2006. I had the baked ziti, my date had the lasagna, and we ordered a slice of “Chicago” pizza between us. Everything was served cold! We complained to the manager, he took the food in the back for about 20 minutes, and it came out STILL COLD. There was never an apology or discount or anything like that. Italian-style food should NEVER be served cold, unless it’s cold cuts or a pasta salad. A few months later I went to the Sbarro in Ayala Center Cebu and the food was COLD there as well.

  6. Mr. Brylle

    can anyone tell me if there is a list of price because i really don’t know how much was on their menu…?

  7. JayRay

    Me and my friends had several bad experiences related to this franchise.

    Most common pet peeve I have is the “With Cheese na po?” aggressive marketing con that they pull. Although, Jollibee, McDo and other chains do this as well…
    There are so many people in Sbarro’s that are shocked to find out that the cheese for their pasta was actually extra and had to pay an obscene amount for it when they reach the cashier. At this point in time, they just suck it up (literally, pun intended) as the cheese has been slobbered all over their plate and “nakakahiya na papalitan or di bayaran”. If you feel heroic, next time the server offers you anything…please make sure to ask in a loud manner “May extra bayad ba yan?”, you will save some poor Lola or Lolo in line some of their money and dignity by doing so. Better yet, report this to DTI or Better Business to have these unethical practices checked.

    We had also encountered hair and other threads(from God knows where) included in our food – mostly the pasta. Out of 3 times this had happened, the managers at least replaced the food BUT DID NOT OFFER ANY FORM OF APOLOGY.
    Moreover, I had seen at least 2 instances of people slipping due to wet floors near the cooler, and chairs/tables being swapped without asking the customers if they are using it. These things aren’t so funny when you’re holding their small trays and uber heavy plates in your hand.

    In the US, this kind of behavior invites lawsuits. Ahhh, ya gotta love the Philippines.
    A shame that Sbarro’s serve decent deep dish pizzas, but the horrible service ruins everything. Caveat Emptor.

  8. karlo

    i am so jealous right now. have always loved going to sbarro. baked ziti white sauce, spaghetti white sauce with meatballs. iced tea. cheese pizza. miss it badly

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