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Malunggay, Sili and Tinutong Ice Cream
Malunggay, Sili and Tinutong Ice Cream, 79 pesos (single order)

First Colonial Grill is just amongst the restaurants that you should not miss when you’re in Legazpi City, Albay.They currently have two branches, one in Pacific Mall and one in the Old Albay District.

1st Colonial Grill

We visited the branch in the Old Albay District, which is one jeep ride away from Sampaguita Tourist Inn (the hotel we’re staying at). Their first branch has two floors, but we chose to stay in the second floor because we went there around lunch time.

Laing at 1st Colonial Grill
Laing, 135 pesos per order

We went there to try out their ice cream, but since it’s lunch time, we might as well try their other dishes. We ordered Laing and their Five-Spice Grilled Chicken which are amongst the favorites of their customers.

I enjoyed eating their Laing simply because I didn’t feel any itchiness in my throat. I remember before experiencing such when I ate Pinangat (which also includes gabi leaves) here in Manila. Whenever the gabi leaves are stirred too much, when one eats it (the Laing), the tendency is that there might be some itchy feeling in the throat.

Five-Spice Grilled Chicken at 1st Colonial Grill
Five-Spice Grilled Chicken, 180 pesos (half order of chicken)

Their five-spice grilled chicken is amongst the must tries in the said restaurant. It’s very juicy and tasty. It seems to us that they’ve used Worcestershire sauce in glazing the chicken.

And for our dessert, we tried their Malunggay, Sili and Tinuto Ice cream flavors. Amongst the three ice cream flavors, Sili ice cream topped in our list. The Sili ice cream is sweet at first, and after a few seconds you will suddenly taste that it’s spicy. 😀

Our overall experience in eating at 1st Colonial Grill is a great one.

1st Colonial Grill
Old Albay District
Rizal Street, Legazpi City
Tel. No. 481-1212

1st Colonial Grill
Pacific Mall, Legazpi City
Tel. No. 820-0985

7 Responses to “Albay Food Tour Series #1: 1st Colonial Grill”

  1. Sharlyne Ang

    When are you going? malamang when Mayon becomes inactive again no?

  2. charmaine

    I’m so glad that you have also encourage more people to appreciate to eat leafy veggies like malunggay by making it into a new product.

  3. Jason

    I would like to invite you to Join the Manila FoodsandBeveragesExpo on June 16-20, 2010 at World Trade Center Metro Manila…can i get the email of collonial grill so i can send the deatails about the MANILA FOOD & BEVERAGES EXPO..tnx.

  4. Sharlyne Ang

    Hi Jason,

    Please refer to the contact details of Colonial Grill below our blogpost. FYI, we are not the official website of Colonial Grill, we reviewed the restaurant when we visited there. Thanks.

  5. queen

    the chicken tasted ok but i love the laing so much! the ice cream is a must try and good price too!

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